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The story of our formation

Years ago, when e-commerce was still out of date and unreliable, a number of young university graphic designers decided to put our work in an online blog.

After making the initial arrangements, we set to work and started a blog called Spanta Graphic. Gradually, the number of visitors to our blog increased and visitors welcomed our portfolio more.

It was a strange and good feeling that the visitors of our blog, without knowing where we are and who we are, trusted us because of our direct and online communication. They saw our work samples, got online advice, and exactly in the years when there was no news about Viber, Line and Telegram, they registered their orders via e-mail, finances through card ATMs, and we sent them designs via e-mail. We were sending. They would see the designs and comment on them, and after approval, we would print them and send them in their own city.

In short, without any advertising, our customers were kind and praised in front of their friends, and this increased the number of our customers.

The new type of our services, along with the welcome of the people, made our workload increase and we thought about expanding the team. We added a few graphs to our team, but the problems that limited the blog put a lot of blows to the team and the implementation process.

So much so that we became acquainted with a strong and creative programming and site design team. After several months and long negotiations, we merged our team, and the "online design suite" was the result of this merger.

These days, professional site design and programming services have been added to the graphic services of this team, and despite the advent of telegrams and social communication software, they are improving day by day.

However, after all the planning and targeting, we were able to produce a plan through which we can fully support our customers online, place their orders. Send an invoice online and implement design and support services online in the form of a "complete management platform".

Hopefully, we are expanding this platform every day and we have many plans in mind. In the following, you can get acquainted with the team members.

Mehdi Khatiri

CEO Co-Founder

Mehdi is the co-founder and CEO of the company. The interesting thing about Mehdi is that like the managers of other companies, he is not a serious, bad-tempered and inaccessible person. It can be said that he is a capable and compassionate leader for our team whose first priority in life is his work, which he spends a lot of time on. His main goal is team development and he plans for the future for himself and the team, and he is always patient and hard-working in achieving those goals. He has many years of expertise and experience in almost all fields of computer, software, programming, advertising, branding, and because of his accurate knowledge of the field of work, all team members love and trust him.

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Ashkan Alehashem

Co-Founder Head of Graphic Department

Ashkan is the co-founder and head of the company's graphics team. He has many years of experience in graphic design and advertising and has completed successful projects with many clients. These days, with the help of the members of the graphic team, he is working on the expansion of the graphic and printing department and is directly supervising the graphic projects. He has good public relations and since he is an expert in this field, he understands the problems of his colleagues well and finds solutions to their problems. Ashkan is good at writing and is famous for this feature among his colleagues.

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Hamid Masoudi

Head of Motion Graphics Department

Hamid is the head of the company's multimedia team. His professional expertise in editing, motion graphics and making high quality teasers is very impressive. He has a calm and moral personality and always works hard. Apart from the fact that his experiences in his field of expertise cannot be overlooked, it can be said that Hamid is the French wrench of the team in the fields of technology, computer, network and internet and always has up-to-date and practical technological information.

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