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Instagram story template that is provided to you as an open layer.

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What is Instagram Story Theme ?

The same and integrated template that is placed in the same way in all Instagram stories is called Instagram story template. This template follows the logo and organizational color of your brand and contains the contact information of your collection. It is designed once and is presented as an open layer file that can be easily used. Both with mobile and computer.

Why Instagram Story Theme is important ?

Having an Instagram story template will make you have a neat and tidy page and will be more lasting for users' minds. In such a way that your color and logo can be seen between the daily Instagram stories and pay attention to it. Another advantage of having it is that because your contact number and information are correctly in all the stories, each of your ads will be more effective. The viewer can contact you as soon as he sees the story.

I suggest you look at our design portfolios and put yourself in the shoes of those customers. Imagine what those customers needed and what outputs they got from their design. We have been doing this for many years and we have worked with many people, tastes and jobs and we have satisfied them. Just trust us and be patient. Do not worry though. If you feel you don't like the design, we'll change it to your liking.

Every design order is done with the concurrence of a professional design team that has more than 10 years of successful experience in the online design market. Rest assured that we know your target market and your customers well. The form that you complete when submitting the order and the consensus that is taken from you at the beginning of the order, will bring you closer to get your desired design.

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No. The possibility of using that template is unlimited for you. The routine is that a template is designed and sent to you to comment on. As long as it needs to be edited, you can make corrections, and when you like it, a quality file will be sent so that you can use that template for each post.

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Can be used with both PC and Photoshop software as well as mobile and photo editing applications. Like picsart. You can simply put the template on any photo you like, save the photo and use it on your Instagram.

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We have prepared an educational video for you that teaches you in Persian how to simply use your template using the picsart application and use it for any photo you like. Just send us a message and announce your request so that we can provide you with this video for free.

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There is a possibility. You should ask the site supporter about this. Because of the volume of daily orders, if there is a gap between projects, we may be able to prepare your order earlier than scheduled. If this is possible at the moment, your order will be subject to a + 30% price increase.

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The designed files will be sent to you through the customers panel of each order section. If you have difficulty accessing your customer panel, you may receive files via telegram, WhatsApp or email. Therefore, there is no need to visit in person.

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This type of order is suitable for pages that perform in 3 areas of content production. For example, a page that works in the field of digital equipment and also has online sales. This page needs a template for writing useful texts or news, a template for product introduction and sales, a template for publishing world-class articles. This type of ordering preserves the organizational color and the main structure of the same template and changes as needed.

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The final file of the post format and story template orders of your choice can be open layer or closed layer. If you are fluent in Photoshop software and have the ability to edit, you can receive the open layer file related to the template order from us at no extra cost.
** Post design and story design order will not include open layer file. Only "template" orders are open layer. **

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We will send you a message through the contact number you provided, either by phone or by telegram so that we can answer your question as soon as possible.

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