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The correct and principled method of lighting will undoubtedly have a very tangible effect on the work environment

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What is Office Spaces Lighting ?

Due to the pervasiveness of office environments, the design methods of specific office lighting in these environments have naturally become simplistic and clichéd. The prevalence of multi-tenant office and office buildings is an important factor in increasing trust in office lighting design methods in general, because the reason is the need to pay attention to the constant change of tenant. Most design elements of office buildings, including lighting systems, should serve many residents, especially those who are constantly moving from one office to another. That is why the use of acoustic ceiling mosaics, which allows easy installation of built-in fluorescent frames and access to the ceiling plenum space for installation and service of electrical and mechanical equipment, has become global. Rarely is this the best way to design office lighting, even for the simplest of office lighting designs.

Why Office Spaces Lighting is important ?

In most office environments, productivity and efficiency are the primary goals, and lighting design methods are expected to support these goals. More precisely, visual lighting tasks should be performed easily and simply. Fortunately, there is a growing trend to increase employee satisfaction in most work environments, office lighting should be involved in creating visual and psychological satisfaction of the environment. The use of repetitive lighting methods has less positive effects in terms of efficiency and user satisfaction in most workspaces. Sometimes, due to economic issues, non-standard but creative methods can be used in many office spaces.
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