Green Roof And Roof Garden Design

An efficient and effective use of roof space and turning it into a pleasant space

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What is Green Roof And Roof Garden Design ?

A green roof is a roof that is partially or completely covered with vegetation and soil, or with growing medium. The word green roof can also be used for roofs that consider green concepts, such as solar panels or photovoltaic panels. Roofing requires plants that have been carefully selected to withstand the harsh and lifeless environment of the roof environment in low water conditions, climatic factors, frost, sea breeze and drought, and so on. The type of plants selected varies depending on the type of climate and climatic conditions, and the green roof is the peak of integration with the environment.

Why Green Roof And Roof Garden Design is important ?

The purpose of creating a green roof
- Ecological conditions and preservation of natural beauty
- Maintaining the health of body and soul of citizens
- Economic and spiritual values ​​
Benefits of green roofs
- Providing a compatible and pleasant atmosphere For building users
- Improving the landscape around the building by providing a beautiful green space
- Creating a green, beautiful and semi-public environment for building occupants and improving the quality of life
- Creating a green urban landscape and reducing Pollution
- Reduce the heating load (by adding mass and layer of thermal insulation) and cooling the building (through evaporative cooling)
- Reduce the effects of heating and urban climate change
- Increase the range of life
- Reduce and adjust the volume of sounds that enter the building up to 18 db and leave at the rate of 3 db or more. Weather
Green Roof And Roof Garden Design 1
Green Roof And Roof Garden Design 1 Green Roof And Roof Garden Design 1
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Green Roof And Roof Garden Design 2 Green Roof And Roof Garden Design 2
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