Luminaires And Terraces And Patios Design

With a suitable cover, you can make the most of natural light and have a stylish atmosphere.

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What is Luminaires And Terraces And Patios Design ?

Patio has similar meanings such as backyard, skylight, part of the apartment in the form of a garden or greenhouse, which has gained a lot of fans today, and most people dedicate a corner of their house or apartment to building a patio.

Why Luminaires And Terraces And Patios Design is important ?

The Persian equivalent of the word terrace in Persian is Bahar Khoob. But from the architectural point of view, the terrace added to the space added to the apartment is said to be uncovered and is considered as common. Therefore, the area of ​​the terraces does not interfere in calculating the area of ​​the apartments. They are placed outside so that if the user sits in it, he can dominate the space of the yard or the outside view and enjoy its beauties.
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