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What is Brochure Design ?

Sheets that contain general or partial information about your business and are usually separated by one or more fold line, are called brochures. Brochures can have two folds, three folds or multiple folds. Their folding model can be like a notebook or an accordion and they can have different sizes. The feature of the brochure or leaflet is that it can store a lot of information in a small space and therefore it can be used for exhibitions, street advertising or the same applications.

Why Brochure Design is important ?

These days people don't have enough patience and time to read different kinds of advertising. For this reason, the brochure is one of the ways in which the viewer can get to know the details of your business in a short time. Brochure can be one of the main ways if you want to introduce your products and services in a simple, compendious and beautiful way to the clients. Our designers are specialized in this area. You can ask them for help and see the results.

Brochure Design for Nikpayam 1
Brochure Design for Nikpayam 1 Brochure Design for Nikpayam 1
Brochure Design for Banoo Matbakhi
Brochure Design for Banoo Matbakhi Brochure Design for Banoo Matbakhi
Trifold Caterning Grill
Trifold Caterning Grill Trifold Caterning Grill
Trifold Sinergy
Trifold Sinergy Trifold Sinergy
Trifold Nasim Gheitarie
Trifold Nasim Gheitarie Trifold Nasim Gheitarie
Brochure Design for Decoration Ideal
Brochure Design for Decoration Ideal Brochure Design for Decoration Ideal
Brochure Design for Tashrifat Padide
Brochure Design for Tashrifat Padide Brochure Design for Tashrifat Padide
Brochure Design for Fom Boton Rasa
Brochure Design for Fom Boton Rasa Brochure Design for Fom Boton Rasa
Suitable For :
  • Companies
  • Small Businesses
  • Stores
  • Productions
59 $
3 to 6 workdays Order Now
Suitable For :
  • Big Companies
  • Organizations
  • Factories
  • Big Businesses
99 $
8 to 12 workdays Order Now
Suitable For :
  • Large National Brands
  • Product Branding
  • Service Branding
  • Introducing a New Brand
799 $
12 to 18 workdays Order Now

I suggest you look at our design portfolios and put yourself in the shoes of those customers. Imagine what those customers needed and what outputs they got from their design. We have been doing this for many years and we have worked with many people, tastes and jobs and we have satisfied them. Just trust us and be patient. Do not worry though. If you feel you don't like the design, we'll change it to your liking.

Every design order is done with the concurrence of a professional design team that has more than 10 years of successful experience in the online design market. Rest assured that we know your target market and your customers well. The form that you complete when submitting the order and the consensus that is taken from you at the beginning of the order, will bring you closer to get your desired design.

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Since we have made customer satisfaction one of the most important principles of our work, we change all design orders as far as it is reasonable and change the design according to your taste and request. Make sure you finally get a design that you really like and are happy with. You can request the required changes through the client panel and the project discussion section.

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With all due respect to you, our services are provided online to the whole country, and with the support of many years of experience and good customers who have gained complete trust in our collection during the last 10 years, orders that make full payment online in Priority is given. And due to the high number of orders, it will not be possible to accept orders that do not have full payment.

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Unfortunately no. This is not possible because each order has its own idea generation and time consuming. Ordering and viewing Etude and design is possible only after submitting the order on the site and full payment.

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In this collection, all services are performed completely online and in absentia. Feel comfortable !! In 90% of cases, a face-to-face meeting is not required. Experience gained from 12 years of online activity with the whole country and Iranians abroad, in the form of a professional team at your service.

  • You can see the portfolio on our site, if you liked our style of work, you would do it through the order registration site.
  • You will be taken to a page where a form will appear. Answer the questions in this form carefully.
  • You will enter the payment page and after full payment, your order will be processed.
  • Your order is for a designer who you can contact the designer directly through the customer panel.
  • After the deadline, the proposal will be sent to you through the customer panel to see and comment.
  • If you request a change, the project designer will make the requested changes and send them to you for your complete satisfaction.
  • The final file approved by you with high quality output suitable for printing in infinite dimensions will be sent to you through the customer panel.
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There is a possibility. You should ask the site supporter about this. Because of the volume of daily orders, if there is a gap between projects, we may be able to prepare your order earlier than scheduled. If this is possible at the moment, your order will be subject to a + 30% price increase.

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The designed files will be sent to you through the customers panel of each order section. If you have difficulty accessing your customer panel, you may receive files via telegram, WhatsApp or email. Therefore, there is no need to visit in person.

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In general, based on our collection policies, it is not possible to send an open layer file. If you intend to keep your file as an archive, a closed layer file with the appropriate quality will be sent to you. But if you really need an open layer file, you can also get the open layer file from us by paying 50% more than the original order number.

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The field of activity is not very important in the discussion of topic design. From the portfolios available on the site, you can pay attention to the ideological power and ability of our designers, to the job topics, as well as the ideas used in that design, so that you can get acquainted with the quality and design ability, suitable for different jobs. Just imagine this ability to order your own design. Of course, if you use the search option at the top of the site, you will most likely see portfolios similar to your business style.

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Since our orders are registered through the site and in a fully mechanized manner, specialized questions have been embedded for registering each type of order, and a space has been provided for writing more details in each order form. The best way to get the explanation to the project designer when ordering is to complete the order form with the most complete description. Because each project is done after registering the order and payment form and an experienced designer is assigned to it. However, if there is a case that you need advice, you can send us the typewritten text or audio you want via telegram to 09300017166. Our experts will answer you patiently and in full detail at the first opportunity. If you are in a hurry, you can use the online chat system in the corner of the site or in case of emergency, call the office at 021-28422166.

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The final file of the order, after your approval, will be the TIFF or JPEG closed layer file, which has the maximum quality required for printing. Be aware that you do not need to send an open layer file to order printing, and be very careful not to steal the design or possible misuse of the design. Sending an open layer file will only be possible if you request it separately, taking into account the + 50% surplus of the order amount.

Orders such as "logo design" and "template design" are exceptions to this rule and will be provided as an open layer so you can make the edits you need yourself.

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To send textual and visual content that can be used in the design of brochures, catalogs, infographics and other services that have extensive and scattered content, it is recommended to provide the required content in the form of a Word document including the text of the titles and the location of photos or vectors. Get ready and send so we can talk more about the details and layout

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We will send you a message through the contact number you provided, either by phone or by telegram so that we can answer your question as soon as possible.

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