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Your use of the TarahiOnline website constitutes your acceptance of all terms and conditions set forth on this page.

The contents of this page are subject to change at any time, and "TarahiOnline" reserves the right to make, update or change the content of this page without prior notice and coordination. Users are required to visit this page periodically to be aware of possible changes in the rules.

1. Any misuse of the content on the site is prosecuted and no natural, legal or website person can use the information on the website to sell, reproduce or generate traffic to their website. If you want to use the services and contents of the website for commercial purposes, you must inform us in advance and contact us. The use of the contents of the "TarahiOnline Website" for personal websites and blogs is permitted only if the commercial interests are not taken into account, stating the source and address of the website.

2. Portfolios that available in the "TarahiOnline Site" have been designed and produced by our designers and published on the site with the knowledge of the designer.

3. Users must fill out the relevant form with correct and complete information when registering their desired order. In case of entering incomplete or incorrect information, the TarahiOnline site will not be responsible.

4. You assure the TarahiOnline site that you will not use this website to achieve purposes that are contrary to the terms of use of the "TarahiOnline site". You will not use the "TarahiOnline Site" in a way that could damage, deactive or disable the Website. You are also not allowed to attempt to access information, content or inputs that are intentionally not normally available or provided through the pages of the Site.

5. "TarahiOnline site" may have links to other websites. These websites may not be under the control of TarahiOnline and are not responsible for the contents of these websites, including the links contained in these websites. These links are provided for your convenience and the existence of any of these links does not imply endorsement or any kind of relationship between us and the administrators of other websites. Websites that link to the "TarahiOnline Site" pages may be operated by people outside of TarahiOnline, so this collection can not be guaranteed. You agree to be liable for any possible damage to your computer through viruses or other malicious files that may result from the receipt and use of data and files belonging to websites linked to the "TarahiOnline Site".

6. "TarahiOnline Site" does not accept any responsibility in connection with the removal of pages from its website or dead links. Website services are provided "as is" and "TarahiOnline Site" under no circumstances is responsible for delays or non-functioning of the website which can be caused by problems of the Internet, manpower, natural factors, computer equipment failure, telecommunications, etc. Is not responsible.

7. "TarahiOnline Site" does not guarantee the reliability, ease, accuracy of information, products, services and graphics and provides them without any restrictions or guarantees "as is". Under no circumstances will the TarahiOnline Site accept any damages that may be incurred for any reason due to loss of access or information following the use of the Site or delays or inability to use the Website or its services.

8. According to international custom, the designer has the right to leave a small signature of his real or legal personality in a corner of the design (from the poster to the website design). Many designers are introduced to others in this way, and this is usually in the best interest of the designer. Logically, he goes beyond his own interests and can expect you to go a little beyond your own interests. Therefore, if you want to remove that signature for any reason, first of all, make this request at the very beginning of the project, and secondly, you will be subject to paying an agreed amount for "removal of copyright" for its removal.

9. If the initial design proposals are used by you as customer, before the final approval, it will be considered as the final approval and closure of the project and after that any changes on it will be subject to a separate fee.

10. Conditions for refund: A- In case the design order is canceled by the employer in less than 12 hours for any reason, the executor will be obliged to return the entire amount paid to him. B- In cases where more than 12 hours and less than 24 hours have passed since the design order, the idea generation or implementation has been done by the TarahiOnline team and due to time and expertise, refund will be possible with a deduction of 50% of the payment amount. C- In case more than 24 hours have passed since the registration of the order and the employer has decided to cancel the project, the executive team will not be obliged to pay any damages due to the time spent on ideation and design and the possibility of refunding the possible amount is not. D- Since according to the mentioned rules, TarahiOnline is obliged to apply changes until the stage of customer satisfaction, in the event that the employer unilaterally refuses to continue the process of change and receive design tips, the project is closed and There will be no compensation to be paid and it is not possible to refund the amount.

11. The "TarahiOnline site" reserves the right to reserve its copyright in the various services it provides to customers. View Copyright Rules

12. We may change our services at any time for any reason without prior notice, and we reserve the right to change the terms of these services. Therefore, the terms of use of the "TarahiOnline  Site" services will be updated from time to time. In this case, you agree that your continued use of the Website constitutes your acceptance of any such changes. If the terms of use of the services include major changes, the news will be announced on the first page of the site.

13. This agreement is governed by the laws and means the full agreement of the user with the terms of use of the "TarahiOnline Site" and replaces all previous or current agreements.