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What is Game Introduction Teaser ?

Game introduction teaser is a technique for presenting advertisements to the audience. In other words, it is used to unveil or introduce a new game and usually conveys a message by showing a part of the game space and creates a sense of curiosity and excitement in the audience. With an interesting teaser, it is possible to introduce different games and provide explanations about its stages so that people can get acquainted with new games and get to know it.

Why Game Introduction Teaser is important ?

Every day, a large number of games with different natures are presented and available to the audience, but what is very important is the introduction of the game and an extremely attractive and effective tool to influence the audience is the teaser of the game because it makes it a competitive advantage. And have a great impact on the audience. You can even send this teaser to users on social networks and online and thus attract customers.

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