Cultural Buildings Lighting

Lighting in cultural spaces is considered a part of the space due to its use

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What is Cultural Buildings Lighting ?

One of the important elements in architecture is lighting, which is an impressive and effective element on the facade of the building and its visual appearance, and has the ability to multiply its beauty and grandeur, and is a very important issue as the first factor that connects and attracts people and It is a kind of indicator of the type and quality of the building.

Why Cultural Buildings Lighting is important ?

In the importance of lighting for any building, it must be said that something beyond lighting, because it has a lot of charm and beauty. Usually, the lighting is done according to the desired environment, that is, first it is determined whether the building and that space are for public use or not, and in what area it operates, and then the appropriate amount of light is determined for each space to be more beautiful. OK.
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