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What is Multimedia ?

Today, multimedia services play a very important role in the life of every person, so that they spend most of their time with these media during the day. So what better way is it for you, as a business that wants to be successful and show itself to its target audience, to provide relevant content in this medium.

Why Multimedia is important ?

In recent years, due to the increasing global focus on the video marketing industry, having a good teaser for people who want to promote their services in line with other businesses, is a basic need.

Every second is made up of several images or frames, when we say 25 frames per second, that is, every second we have 25 different images that play together and eventually form part of the film. The higher the number of frames (for example, 60 frames per second), the more detailed and clearer the movie will be.

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To make a real teaser, you need video and lighting equipment that must be filmed from the desired location, but for motion graphics teasers, all these images are made in software and digital, which makes it The cost of making motion graphics is much lower than real teasers.

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Our illustration team is quite capable in this area, you just have to give us the necessary explanations about the space you are considering, so that we can visualize it exactly as you have it in mind. This is one of our specialties and you can trust us in this section.

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There are several programs for making motion graphics, Adobe After Effects software is one of the most popular and complete programs in this field. In addition to After Effects, other software such as Cinema 4D, Illustrator, Photoshop, and هستند are also involved in creating a motion graphic that is used depending on the type of project and its execution style.

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Motion graphics made with After Effects are usually two-dimensional. When it comes to the third dimension, it means that we have depth in our work and the layers in the image have different distances and perspectives from the camera. But in 2D motion graphics, we do not use the camera and all the layers are moved in the X and Y axes.

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