What are the benefits of working with us?

The online design executive platform is a win-win implementation program. You ask why?

For business owners:
In the hustle and bustle of traffic that everyone is dealing with these days, finding a good designer is always hard work. Or imagine you want to find a good and quality printing house to print your company letterhead or business card. Well, what better way than to sit at your desk at home and use the best designers for your project with just a few clicks, and the thought of printing your work is easy and the best printing without any hassle for ordering, paying or shipping. Get high quality tails in your blood.
There is the same problem of finding a professional web designer. It's hard to find a site designer and programmer that you can access whenever you want. What is better than a web design team that is completely professional in its work and implements the latest executive methods in the world in a principled way, always online and ready to answer you.

For freelance graphic designers / programmers:
Since we provide online graphic design and coding services for the whole country, the number of our customers is always increasing and thank God The quality of our work causes each customer to introduce a few other customers to us. There are many designers and programmers in our vast Iran who have many abilities and talents in this field and may not be able to register and establish a professional company due to lack of financial strength or family circumstances. We created this space and we welcome all these dear ones who want to cooperate with our collection. This cooperation can be done in absentia and from any city and village in Iran as a telecommuting and project. Even the designer can specify his working hours. As the executive director of these projects, we turn to designers who have a lot of effort and provide a good result. Order tracking and invoicing are also fully mechanized by Timmon forces. If you feel the need to do this, go now and send us the recruitment request form.

For marketers and business activists:
One of the most common ways to earn money in the world is the marketing method or the introduction of the work to the employer. We owe a large part of our income to these loved ones and I value them very much. They are so valuable to us that we permanently deposit 10% of the profit of each project directly into the account of the referrer or marketer. This means that if you introduce a project worth one million tomans to us and it does not have a special implementation cost, the amount of 100,000 tomans will be credited to your account without any hassle. If you think you have good communication and can introduce us to many projects, start working now to change your life…

For Partner Collections:
Unlike most collections that consider their colleagues to be their enemies, we believe our colleagues can be our best friends. We always welcome new ideas and believe that greater success can be achieved through friendly cooperation with partner collections. If you are our partner and have an office in the city, contact us. This may be one of the best collaborations of our lives.