It was in early November 1996 that a loved one named Seyed Mohammad Mousavi contacted the company via telegram. At the beginning of the conversation, his main concern was packing the dishes outside the restaurant he was going to establish in Yazd. After talking and agreeing with them for a while, we entered the market research process and after a few hours of touring the world of disposable tableware, we found the international collection of Detpeck and contacted their representative in Iran.
Founded in 1948 in Australia, Detpec is one of the world's leading companies in the packaging industry and now operates as an international network with seven factories and offices in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, South Africa, the Middle East and Europe. We believe that the attractiveness of a food is not limited to its taste. For this reason, we introduced Detpeck to the cat box. Because the packaging of Detpeck, by observing the technical principles, makes the food of the cat box warm and keeps it fresh. It has the quality standard of European day and its design is beautiful and easy to carry. It has a green design and is environmentally friendly.

Phase One: Ideation and logo design

Considering the nature of Kate Box restaurant, which was supposed to offer Iranian and traditional food and was located in Yazd, we decided to target the elements that are symbols of Iranian tradition. After long studies, we came to the rose or the same rose. This symbol is the same symbol that one day old porcelain and melamine dishes have been seen a lot and is familiar to all of us Iranians and revives the nostalgic feeling for us. It is interesting to know that this symbol is of completely Iranian origin and may even have originated in the central parts of Iran. After brainstorming, we went to the logo design and the following result was obtained.

Phase II: Packaging and labeling of food containers

As mentioned above, we procured the packaging of food containers from the Det Pack dealer, and now we have a few ways to customize the packaging. We could print directly on the package itself, or we could make a special design of the package using the belt cover around it, and we could also stick the special specifications on the box using a label. A number of types of packaging equipped with talc to start preparation And selected the type of label. We entered the design process and used their own special cut of the label to cut according to the appearance of the logo. The order to print the label of Kate Box restaurant was done and it was sent to Yazd city in less than 10 days and they received it.

Phase 3: Designing and printing business cards

The label had such a significant effect on the packaging of dishes with a special cut that we decided to prepare the business card with the same special cut of the logo. We chose the glossy laminate material and after going through the process of printing, making and multiplying the mold, we prepared the printed business cards for them and sent them.

Phase 4: Design and print the food menu

We had now reached the stage where the food list was ready and had to be turned into a neat menu in order to be received from customers. At their own request, this menu should have been designed in such a way that it could be ordered from customers in the restaurant, as well as distributed as advertisements in the city, and all the people who receive this leaflet, in addition to seeing the advertisement, with their food list and prices. Get acquainted. For this reason, we suggested designing and printing the menu in three pieces on a piece of paper.